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Truck full of dogs crammed into tiny cages and bound for Chinese restaurants is intercepted by animal lovers.

Crammed into tiny cages, unable to stand and deprived of food and water, these dogs endured terrible suffering on a truck bound for a chain of restaurants. The harrowing pictures show the cruel conditions in which 1,500 of the animals were found  when the truck was stopped at a toll gate by highway police and animal rescue volunteers in Chongqing, south-west China. The truck was stacked high with cages, each containing several dogs in pitiful condition.

The animals were moved to a nearby farm by volunteers from the Chongqing Animal Protection Association who gave them food, water and emergency treatment. Sadly some of the dogs were already dead and rescue workers were unable to save other who were dying.

Volunteer Xiao Lu said: ‘When they [the dogs] saw us they were groaning, but some were so exhausted and dying that they didn’t even have the strength to make a sound. He said: The dog peddler said his truck was only loaded with 700 dogs, but there are at least 1500.

Dog continues to be a popular meal in the Far East, with many in China favouring the meat, particularly during the winter. The incident comes just months after police in Thailand rescued more than 1,000 dogs that were being transported to Vietnam. The dogs were being taken across the Mekong river in Laos as prices for stray dogs and pets in rural Thai villages can reach as much as $33 an animal.


Eleven countries around the globe still eat dog meat. They are: China, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, Polynesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Arctic and Antarctic and two cantons in Switzerland.

China: Although the Chinese were the first to domesticate the dog and keep them as pets, dog meat has been a source of food from at least the time of Confucius, and possibly even before.

Indonesia: Eating dog meat is usually associated with people from the Batak Toba culture, who cook a traditional dish named saksang that is like a dog-meat stew.

Mexico: Dogs were historically bred for their meat by the Aztecs. These dogs were called itzcuintlis, and were often pictured on pre-Columbian Mexican pottery.

Philippines: In the capital city of Manila,the law specifically prohibits the killing and selling of dogs for food except in certain circumstances including research and animal population control.

Polynesia: Dogs were historically eaten in Tahiti and other islands of Polynesia at the time of first European contact in 1769.

Taiwan: Dog meat in Taiwan is particularly eaten in the winter months, especially black dogs, which are believed to help retain body warmth.

Korea: Gaegogi literally means ‘dog meat’ in Korean. Gaegogi, however, is often mistaken as the term for Korean soup made from dog meat, bosintang. The distaste felt by dog lovers, particularly from the West, has made this dish very controversial.

Switzerland: According to a Swiss newspaper report in 1996, the Swiss rural cantons of Appenzell and St. Gallen are known to have had a tradition of eating dogs, curing dog meat into jerky and sausages, as well as using the lard for medicinal purposes.

Vietnam: Dog meat is eaten throughout Vietnam. To many Northerners, it is a popular, if relatively expensive, dinnertime restaurant meal.

Arctic and Antarctic: Dogs have historically been an emergency food source for various peoples in Siberia, Alaska, northern Canada, and Greenland. Sled dogs are usually maintained for pulling sleds, but occasionally are eaten when no other food is available.

I see nothing wrong with it really.

The only reason eating dogs is a problem is because extreme liberals are idiots who can’t think beyond “BUT THEY’RE OUR PETS AND THEY’RE CUTE”

while meanwhile eating cows and pigs constantly

There’s a problem with stuffing them into cages and depriving them of food and water, but eating dogs isn’t even a problem. Let them eat whatever animals they want.


Listen, I love dogs too, and the way this looks DOES break my heart, but we eat animals just like they do. We eat bird, cow, pigs, all sorts of shit. So the fact that eating dogs bothers people…just doesn’t make any fucking sense to me.

You think that because dogs are domesticated animals means we can’t eat them? HAHAHAHAHA that’s just so fucking ridiculous. Domestication status doesn’t matter, people eat what they need to survive.

I think, in all honesty, that they ought to come up with a new method of dealing with these dogs other than the methods they’re using here. Other than that, eating dogs and cats is COMPLETELY HEARD OF and REALLY shouldn’t bother us when we’re eating pig n’ cow n’ all that mumbo jumbo.

If you really thought that eating dogs was so disgusting, then why do you still thoughtlessly stuff your face with cows, pigs, lambs, chickens, etc etc, and slurp up animal milk and chicken eggs?

Have to agree; it’s the conditions they were kept in that’s devastating, not necessarily the species itself.

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    Fucking China assholes.
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    Have to agree; it’s the conditions they were kept in that’s devastating, not necessarily the species itself.
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    the world gotta improve and start move on into new cultures. we need your help
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    Knowing these dogs were saved gives me more faith in humanity.
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